A Complete Pipe Bending,Cutting and Chamfering Solutions in India

Pipe Bender Die

We are expertise in manufacturing pipe bender die which consist of the following parts.

  • pulley (pipe bending die, pipe bender die, roller die)

Pipe bender die is the main part of the pipe bender or tube bender acts a big role in pipe bending, as it decided the bending radius and the arc of bending. With the help of our team and up to date facilities we are able to make these dies and are serving for the same to many automobile industries.

Key features of pipe bender die

  • High strength
  • Corrosion free
  • Sturdy built
  • Center line accuracy
  • Centricity
  • Precise Grooving


Below is the photo of a pipe bender die’s roller

pipe bender die

  • Clamp

It is used for clamping the part before initiating the bending on a pipe bender tool.

The purpose of a clamp is to grip the pipe and hold the same till the bending operation is done. For gripping serration is provided in the griping area to hold the pipe, serration can be of many types like circular serration, linear serration, thread type serration, negative serration etc.


Below is the photo of a pipe bender die’s Clamp

clamp die

  • pressure die

Is also known as booster die, slider die. The purpose of a pressure die is to maintain the pressure on the pipe while bending process is being done. Opposite from clamp it allows pipe to slip and follow the tube bender die to support the pipe for bending. Many things depend upon the pressure die as follows.

  • Spring back action
  • Wrinkles on the inner area of the pipe
  • Stretch marks on the pipe


Below is the photo of a pipe bender die’s pressure die

pressure die

  • Wiper shoe

This is the one of the most important and critical part in the complete tube bender die. The purpose of the same is to prevent inner wrinkle in the pipe. It actually removes the void space between the mandrel and pipe bender die’s roller.


Below is the photo of a pipe bender die’s wiper shoe

pipe bender die’s wiper shoe

  • Mandrel

A ball mandrel is used to prevent the outer pinching of the pipe. This helps in maintaining the roundness of the pipe’s outer periphery. There are many types of mandrels as follows

  • Bullet mandrel
  • Plug mandrel
  • Ball mandrel
  • Link mandrel


Below is the photo of a pipe bender die’s ball mandrel

pipe bender die’s ball mandrel


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